Oxford Break the Glass Ceiling

Empowering women and minorities from the University of Oxford to achieve positions of influence within society.

We are here to even the playing field.

We are here to break down barriers on behalf of the Students of Oxford, despite gender, race or upbringing.

We are here to present the best of Oxford to the best in the industry.

We are here to inspire the most intelligent minds of our generation.

We are here to introduce the like-minded within the University of Oxford.

We are here to even the playing field.

We are here to inspire you to break the glass ceiling.



As a society, we understand that there are key things required in order to push a students potential in industry.

We pride ourselves in our 3 key concepts:


the correct information surrounding industries and how suitable they are for you

the contacts you have to help you get advice and experience in your chosen field

the aspiration and confidence to strive to achieve groundbreaking goals



We aim to provide all three of these aspects to our members. Our members are all intelligent and ambitious, yet many do not have the advantage of information, contacts or confidence to help them reach their potential.

How to Get Involved:


Become a member!


Have you got an inspirational story to tell? Or do you think you could give vital knowledge on an industry? Please get in touch!


There are so many different ways you as a business can promote yourselves to our members, through workshops, distribution of information and sponsorship. To discuss ideas please get in touch:



Lauren Davidson
President & Founder
Lauren is a second year mathematics student at Oxford University.
Lauren makes the key decisions surrounding our events and our current projects.
Harri Holmes Davies
Harri is a second year Classics student at Oxford University.
Harri keeps track of the money and finances within the society.
Laura Brookes
Laura is a second year Law student at Oxford University.
Laura helps Lauren out with our social media accounts, email and other administration.




Email: hello@oxfordbreaktheglassceiling.org.uk

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